Where Did This Bruise Come From?

I’ve been sitting here at work, trying to look busy.  I think it’s the theme of the century, honestly.  But, anywho.  Thursdays have always been painful for me.  It’s one of the late days that tortures me.  It’s the teaser for Friday, first of all, and it’s the day that tempts me on a weekly basis as I wake up feeling the phantom of sickness that mysteriously disappears after I call in.  I tell you, it’s an enigma!

I’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure and the doc decides to guilt me into taking these beta blockers.  I’m not sure what the deal is but today, I’m doing the chicken bob. Pretty soon, my face is just going to hit the keyboard with a loud thud, creating a keyboard patterned bruise on my face.  I’m catching myself rolling my eyes upward, and blinking rapidly, trying to stay awake.

It’s not working.

I wonder if it’s the meds… Or could it be the curse of the Thursday.  I have no idea!

Someone call me.

I’m about ready to