There are few things that break up an already boring work day.  Things that make you really pause, take stock, and realize the meaning to your life.  Has anyone had an epiphany such as this?

This happened to me this morning.  I was grumbling along, neck deep in contracts, POs, future purchases… I just needed to get away from my desk and get some coffee, hoping to jump start my brain into action this morning.

What I was about to see, no one could prepare me for…

What was on the counter…

It was as if my insides were screaming, projecting my thoughts, and with some jedi power, moved the taco bell sauces from the box o’ sauces to the counter….

Telekinesis, the power to move objects with our minds…

Is this phenomenon possible?

Whether it is telekinesis or a bunch of tom foolery, it definitely made me pause… and giggle.

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