Harpies Are Evil

Well folks, I’m sitting here again at the coffee house of choice, with a good friend, head phones cranked up, trying to listen to anything BUT the acoustic guitar and off key singer they’ve hired for Saturday afternoons.  I figured I’m going to go deaf either way, why not do it with music that I can actually stand, right?  LOL

OUCH! That was a bit harsh and probably unfair to the singer.  Maybe her hair is covering her ears too much that she can’t tell which note she started off with.  She does have some thick hair, now that I think about it.  Hmmm… how does that work, I wonder. I thought the earmuff effect was to HELP the tone.  No?  In this case, not so much.

Whoa, is that a gong in the corner?  Coincidence?  I think not.  After further investigations, I realized I wandered in the kitchenette and grabbed a pot and giant spoon.  Hehe.  Alright, so I didn’t do that, but, how funny would THAT be?!  It’s not the gong show, but, I do liken it to the really bad auditions of American Idol.

Ok, quick update on me.  Lots of things have been going on in my life lately.  My sister and nephew just left yesterday from their visit from NC. It’s always nice having them out and it just makes me miss having my sister around.  With all the whatnots out there, trusting other females can become like mental judo around here, and it’s nice to have a break every once in a while.

Nothing much has happened with the pink soap drama.  At least a great pink soap caper came about.  Those are the work days I love.  hehe.  Those are the ONLY work days I love. I need to have more days like those… although, I probably would get fired, eh?

As a sidenote, in case you see a lot of typos, the harpy is screeching and is piercing through my armored head phones, making me shudder as it reaches my bones.  It’s like her battlecry.  LOL Feels like my ears are bleeding.  OOOOOOW. r3h fowtewby  tpt4taaW;R  She must be able to read me.  I should stop pointing and laughing at her before she throws a microphone at me!  Too late.  I could swear I saw a flash of red in her eyes… demon in disguise?!  hmm… Well, I have to get going.  Now my eyes are bleeding.  Damn her.

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