Antique Cuisine. YUM!

As some of you already know, we are a bunch of goofballs at work. Despite the dreary weather outside, the mood in the office is relatively light… Perhaps the fact that it’s Friday has something to do with it. Or perhaps it was the idea that someone was thoughtful enough to bring some donuts in. Who knows?

Today’s adventure consisted of discovering hidden treasures. The “oldies but goodies”. Sheri, Chad, and I were having a business related discussion on how to link a youtube video, Sir Mix A Lot’s “Jump On It”, to Chad’s profile. While I was explaining how to do that, Sheri started cleaning out the fridge of week-old hot sauce from the local Mexican restaurant. This segued to Tony’s fabulous and distinct culinary abilities which were displayed by his putting Taco Bell hot sauce on his ham sandwich yesterday at lunch. Perhaps we amateurs are not keen to the sophisticated flavor profiles of boiled ham and Bell Sauce. I, for one, am glad I lack that sophisticated palette.

Anyway, this discussion led to the opening of the cupboards in search of ingredients for Tony to experiment with. And, OH, what we found was just awesome. So awesome, I took a few snaps to share the treasures.

The first one Sheri saw was the ancient bottle of Tussin. Tony said it was because she’s a habitual “robidoser” and can spot those from a mile away. LOL


We wanted to check out the ingredients to see if they are still legal.

And then, we caught a glimpse of the expiration date.


We wondered what effect that would have if ingested… hmmm… Perhaps a project for Tony later in the year when we present the annual walk-across-the-pond-for-20-bucks dare. It’s become tradition.

Then, we realized there was more to the cabinet that meets eye. Check out the old school packaging of some of these.There’s a collector out there willing to pay big bucks for old packaging that predates the date code mandates. Taking first bids!


UPDATE: it’s 2.5 years later and these items are still in the cupboards.  I say we’ve crossed over to the Antique Roadshow.



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