Some time ago, my coworker, Tony, was cleaning out some old IBM keyboards that the owner and VP prefer to use because they are “clicky”.  Yes, that is a technical term, at least here in this establishment.  “If it no clicky, it no worky” for them.

Anywho, because he popped all the keys off and left them soaking in the sink for what felt like weeks, I finally started badgering him to finish up already.  Surprisingly since he never listens to me, he rinsed them off and set them on a paper towel to dry… for what felt like another couple of weeks.

Being the smart ass that I’m told I am, I decided to steal a few keys spelling out my term of endearment for him.  I waited like a little kid on Christmas morning for him to put the keyboards back together and exclaim, “Hey! I’m missing some keys!” I had it all played out in my head.  By this time, I let a couple coworkers in on my mission so we were all anticipating… and anticipating… and anticipatiing…

A few days later, I look over at his cube and WTH?  There are the keyboards sitting in a crate… with all their keys!  At first I thought he found my secret stash but, knowing him, he could NOT keep his mouth shut about besting me.  So, casually, I asked him about the keyboards and found out he found another keyboard and stole those keys off it without saying a word.  The funny part was that he didn’t think it odd that he was missing any keys, nor did he say anything about it.

How could I bust on him without outing myself?!  Instead, my coworkers and I let it go until an opportune time.

This morning is that day.


Here are your keys back.


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