Adventures in I.T.

An interesting impromptu adventure occurred today.  A large mutant wasp flew into the cube of our Tech Writer, who sits behind me.  Immediately, she called the resident bug hunter, Tony, to deal with this invasion.  Armed with his nerf shotgun and determination, he shot at the flying beast.  Efforts thwarted, the wasp flew from Sam’s cube, to an empty cube.  Sensing the hunt, it sought refuge in Tony’s and my shared space.  We don’t call Tony the “hunter” (“huntard” really)  for nothing.  Hot on its trail, Tony realized the gun was an ineffective weapon against such an atrocity against nature (and really, his aim sucks.  Just keepin’ it real, y’all).

Anywho, as the wasp realized its error in cornering itself against the mad hunter, it made a dash to fly out, only to be pummeled and slapped down by Tony and his fist of fury armed with a rolled up paper (accompanied by a high pitched sound I like to call his “lady scream”)  whack, Whack, WHACK!  Everyone was in shock that he actually made a connection with his nemesis mid air (softball practice really paying off here), and I was shocked because he was killing it on MY side of the cube…I peeked over and saw the carcass lying on my test machine’s keyboard, vowing to never touch the keyboard again.  Once the adrenaline wore off and all was right in the world again, I continued my task of going over an invoice only to see that Tony really DIDN’T kill the wasp on the keyboard… he killed it on my invoice.  And there were reminders of the earlier battle left on the paper.

Thanks for the heads up, Tony!

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