Who’s My Baby Daddy?

Latest Princess Kitty Shinanigans!

Looks like Princess Kitty has gotten herself knocked up.  Yes sirree! I walked in, put my purse down, took off my coat, turned my monitor on, and Stoney asks me how Princess Kitty is doing?

Uh oh… there’s the trigger.

I Looked around and saw her, with her pink Princess dress, all disheveled and stained with dried foam soap, the whisper of innocence slowly diminishing from her eyes…


Is that what I think it is?


A stick with 2 lines on it.

You know, if you’re not expecting it, those 2 lines could mean the end of the world!!

Perhaps it was all the boozing and hard partying she’s been doing, but, we are now on the quest to find the baby daddy!

Time for a visit to the Maury Show!

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